Hi Check out Art Banshee - a stained glass shop. I have been making glass for 17 years and make many unique items. If you are looking for gifts or something for yourself please look at my site and email me with any questions.I also welcome custom orderswww.artbanshee.net this will take you to my etsy site alsofacebook httpswww.facebook.comartbanshee1
CONQUERING the STORM,oil on canvas,muesuem mount and framed,hand signed, artist sketch on back, all documents .
On 3/4 in exterior wood..in acrylic with spar urethane coating to protect sun rain..can be exterior or interior..asking $60..OBO..
This beautiful piece of art was purchased from Pier 1 and still has the price tag on it for $250. It is 4 feet by 4 feet. Available for pickup! Open to offers!
This piece is 35 inches wide by 42 inches long. I bought it at the Coconut Grove Art Festival back in the late 1980s. Beautiful piece, but I am moving and downsizing. Would like this to go to a person who appreciates art.
I painted in acrylic with spar urethane coating on top to protect sun rain..on 3/4 in exterior wood..can be placed inside or out..selling $200 OBO
Set of 2 crystal candle holders in excellent condition in original box. I'm not sure if these have been used or not. APPROX. DIMENSIONS: 2" TALL x 2-3/4" DIAMETER OPENING: 1" WIDE AT THE BOTTOM, 1-3/4" WIDE AT THE TOP, 1-3/4" DEEP We are new to Maitland so I'm open to meets in public areas.
These are vintage HOMCO clowns. They are 6" tall. The one on the left with the yellow coat and polka dot pants is in EUC. The one on the right in the blue coat and striped pants playing a violin appears to have show wear on his shoes (see last picture). We are new to Maitland so I'm open to meets in public areas.
One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. Helen Keller The pink you see in the second picture is a reflection off my shirt. We are new to Maitland so I am open to meets in public places.
On 3/4 in exterior wood with spar urethane coating to protect from sun and rain...i painted this in acrylic..selling $200 OBO...Moving and cannot take..can be for inside or out
On 3/4 in exterior wood with spar urethane coating to protect from sun and rain..can be exterior or interior..i painted tbis in acrylic..selling $75 OBO
Cricut Maker with Adaptive Tools Bundle Rose GoldPurchased through HSN pricing is firmWhat You GetCricut Maker machineRotary blade and drive housingPremium fine-point blade and housingFine-point penFabricGrip Mat - 12L x 12WStrongGrip mat - 12L x 12WUSB cablePower adapterCricut Maker Welcome BookKnife blade and drive housingScoring wheel tipDouble scoring wheel tipQuick Swap drive housingBonded...
You are getting the opportunity to view what a real MASTERPIECE of art looks like and is made ofCheck out the photos and you will see a Creative MASTERPIECE OF A Beautiful Wall Hanging OCEAN HARBOR MARINA painting incorporated with much detail of real sea shells, compass, small handmade wooden boat, fish, custom built homes, netting, mirrored, and the list goes on. Measures 21 W x 16 H x 5 Deep...
This is a 6ft. wood ladder, great for crafts, a-frame ladder shelf, anything you want Thanks for looking, call Maureen and Larry at Price is firm.... if picture is up we still have it
Snipe Rustic Designs offers custom made pallet creations such as tables, patio furniture, decorations and more. We also offer individual boards if you prefer to do your own DIY projects. Boards can be cut to your desired length and are available in 3.5 and 5.5 widths. We also can make custom pallets depending on your needs. All products can be pressure washed, sanded, and weather sealedstainedp...